In Shree Jagannath culture we all Odias celebrate this day as the new year. In fact, I can say this is the new year of many Hindus. In different parts of the country, it is named differently as per the language and culture. whether it is Pohela Baisakh, Baisakhi, Bohag Bihu or Pana Sankranti / Maha Bisuba Sankranti, these are different names of the same occasion in which people celebrate the first day of  “Baisakh”, which is the first month of Hindu calendar. The celebration differ from state to state and culture to culture. when I say culture to culture, you can imagine how culturally diversified Indians are. That is why all Indians proudly believe in “unity in diversity”. That means we are Indian by heart with so vivid and highly diversified cultures.

Let us get into one of the most ancient cultures of India. Let us get into a culture who are famous for their rich art, spiritualism, war skills, culinary skills and many more. Yes, I am talking about a prehistoric culture who loved their freedom and culture over anything. Being an Odia, it makes me feel proud that, we have such a beautiful history, also a beautiful present and definitely a bright future. I belong to a culture where the lords are served with “Chapanbhog”. if we break this particular word into two parts one we get two words “Chapan” and “Bhog”. Chapan means 56 and Bhog means Prasad. Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Maa Subhadra are served by people of specific tribes with 56 types of Prasad each and every day with certain rules and rituals.

There is a proverb in Odia “ BAARA MASA RE TERA PARBA” which means “thirteen festivals in twelve months”. Now you can clearly get the richness of our culture. The saga of these thirteen festivals officially starts from the 1st festival of the year i.e “MAHA BISUBA SANKRANTI” or popularly known as “PANA SHANKRANTI”. For all my non-hindu friends, this word “Sankranti” means the first day of a new month as per the Hindu calendar. From this day officially the BAISAKHA RITU or summer season starts. The new Hindu calendar/ Panji /Panjika for the year is released on this day at temples.

As we all know we live in the tropical region of the globe we know how sunny our summers are. Sometimes the temperature shoots up to 50 degrees celsius. To fight this humid sunny climate,  we Odias welcome the new year with supercooling, delicious yet super nutritious “PANNA”. Starting from the temples to homes, whether rich or poor or middle class, every house make their very own Panna. But there are few common ingredients in every house. Baisakh in Odisha and other parts of the country is the season of mangos and sweet and delicious wood apples. Both the fruits are quite pulpy and delicious along with lots of good nutritional values. Almost everybody in this world knows about many types of mango shakes.

Wood apple is something which is specially used to make the Panna in Odia culture. particularly in this season, the BEL FRUIT/ WOOD APPLE get ripe. The flavour of ripe bel fruit pulp has no comparison. In Vedas, bel fruit is considered as a medicinal fruit. Bel fruit is served as a Bhog to the Lord this day. Bel fruit Panna is made with lots of devotion, love and beautiful rich ingredients which is a treat to any tastebud.

Lets get into the nutritional benefits of key ingredients-


Starting from the leaves, to the fruit bel fruit is full of medicinal and nutritional benefits. Bel fruit treats different parts of your digestive tract i.e stomach and intestine. Bel fruit is effective in treating constipation.  It prevents ulcer in intestine. Bel fruit is good for heart health and maintain a good cholesterol level. It is also used in treating asthma and the common cold.  Bel fruit is also effective for diabetic people.


Chana sattu is high in plant-based protein. Very effective in weight management. It acts as a natural coolant so very much effective in hot summer days.  Effective for people suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.  It acts as an effective natural detox drink. Helps in improving core strength. Its is very effective on your digestive tract. Sattu can be your everyday morning drink.


Being rich in good fat and protein, one can consume it in a limited quantity for better results in weight management. The whey of chenna is quite nutritious too. It has calcium to improve your bone health. chenna is good for kids in their growth years. It helps in maintaining the blood pressure level. Its has essential vitamins which help in boosting the immune.



Base of panna-

  • 2 cups of Bel fruit/wood apple thick pulp
  • 1 cup chilled water
  • 1/2 cup chilled milk
  • 1/4th cup chenna
  • 1/4th cup palm jaggery
  • 2tbsp freshly grated coconut
  • 2tbsp chana sattu/ roasted gram flour
  • 1tbsp freshly crushed black pepper powder
  • 2tbsp fresh ginger juice
  • ½ cup fresh pulp of ripe banana
  • Pinch of salt

Toppings-(toppings are as per your preference. These are just add on to the Panna)

  • Roasted cashew(Roughly chopped)
  • Black resins
  • Meetha Bundi
  • Finely sliced almonds
  • Roughly crushed  fresh Peda / milk-based sweet


  • Take a big mixing bowl, I prefer to make it in Maati handi/ earthen pot.
  • Put every ingredient mentioned in base Panna section and mix it with hands properly.
  • It comes to a semi-liquid consistency.
  • Put them into the glasses.
  • Put the topping on it. (sequence of putting the toppings is absolutely on you)

Enjoy to the fullest…

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