The name sounds so fancy, is not it?…

Let me simplify everything. Let us uncover the mystery of this casserole. The story starts from baking. We all know baking is a process which is there with mankind for thousands of years. This casserole involves the same process of cooking. Earlier, there was no electric oven so the most common oven was wood fire oven or charcoal oven.

 If you look deep into the history or even current style of cooking we have a deep covered pot called a dutch oven. Which has thick iron walls also with a thick bottom. The dutch oven is usually deep pan. And casseroles are almost the same. The concept of casserole comes from a utensil or a deep thick base pot which was used to bake food. The casseroles were earthen pots earlier. In later ages, they were made with ceramic or even metal.

Being cooking in a casserole this dish got its name. The concept of putting the required amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat into a single dish was quite popular in back 1870s. I must say this concept/ method of cooking is still our favourite. As per my observation, this concept of cooking a delicious dish consisting of meat, rice with beautiful aromatic flavourful spices in a delicious broth has never changed. This dish is usually made with a nice layer of cooked rice, with a nice layer of meat on top of it. Sometimes with simple cheese or some time with a thin crust on top.

It is believed this European origin dish is quite popular around the globe now. If we look deep into this type of cooking, it includes lots of nutrition. It is rich in protein from the meat and the cheese. The rice act as the source of carbohydrate. The fat from the cheese and oil balance the fat content. So overall it is a wholesome meal. As a one-pot delicious meal, it makes your family come together to the dining table to enjoy a beautiful family dinner or maybe a dinner date with your better half. I can say this has the best nutrition with beautiful flavours.

Lets get into nutritional factors of the core elements of this dish-


 Being a super versatile meat, it has a tremendous capacity to absorb flavours and of course the best source of protein for a health freak like me. Chicken is widely accepted around the globe and consumed in more than a thousand ways. Being a lean meat, it has less possible fat so its safe for any diet chart. It completes your daily protein requirements, in another way it helps in your weight reduction. High protein food ends your craving for sweets and other starchy food. Chicken is full of calcium which takes care of your bones. It is believed that chicken art as a stress reliever. It boosts the immunity from common flu and a few other minor infections.


Rice is one of the most ancient crop human ever has cultivated. There are hundreds of varieties of rice. And all the rice have different types of starch content. Rice is something which helps you in filling your stomach. It provides the energy for the day. Carbs are the fuel for the body.  Rice has many micronutrients. Brown rice is full of vitamins. Brown rice helps in weight loss. Rice has almost zero fat content. Moreover, rice is the best option to bind and complement to any side dish.

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