Spaghetti is a form of pasta which is widely accepted right from the small kitchens to huge star kitchens. For me, pasta is like something I used to cook in my initial days. I don’t know about others but for me cooking pasta is like, cooking something damn easy for a quick launch or dinner. It is like, just make two parts and toss it, then top it with your fav herb and cheese and you are ready to go.

Still, most of us don’t dare to make the sauces or even I have heard people have fear to boil the pasta. There is always a myth that cooking pasta should reach a point called “al dante” usually it means when you take a bite of the pasta it must be perfect firm to the teeth. Usually, this stage means the pasta has to be cooked yet it must have a bite.

But for me, this fact never decides that your pasta is perfectly cooked or not. We Indians love our food nicely creamy, soft and flawless. That “Muhn Main Ghul Jana” walla feel must come from our food otherwise we don’t the pleasure of eating. But anyways I feel that you make your past not according to others… make it as per your preference.the way you wanna have the bite, The way you want your flavours, all these matters a lot. As end of the day, you are cooking for your tastebuds. So just don’t hesitate to break the typical “al dante” rule and just go for your desired consistency.

Coming to the history of pasta, whenever we see noodles of Chinese people we know its there since a very long time. Noodles are usually made with all-purpose flour oil and water and sometimes eggs. It is been said that pasta was brought to Italy with an inspiration from Chinese noodles by macro polo during the 13th century.

Anyways here I wanna mention, modern era pasta got two major forms. One is dried other is fresh pasta. Fresh pasta is something which is made on the same day or the same hour of cooking. The dried ones are made to use later or they can be stored. The dried pasta is what you get in packets commercially. Pasta has many different shapes. Usually, people think, the shapes are there just for a fancy look but here I must clarify that every pasta has a shape to hold the sauce in it or on it properly. We are gonna briefly go about the shapes of pasta in our next pasta recipe.

Let us get into the nutritional factor of a few core ingredients of our dish.

Spaghetti pasta-

This pasta has the shape of strings. This pasta is usually made from durum wheat flour, oil and water. So it has all the goodness of whole wheat flour. A whole wheat flour is made up of  3 major macros i.e carbohydrates, protein, fibre. There are other micronutrients and fat is also there but we must go with the major macros. The carbohydrates in the wheat completes the daily carb intakes of the body for continuous energy supply to the body. The gluten in the wheat is pure plant-based protein. Although few of use are gluten resistance but those who are not, for them it contributes for the daily protein requirement. Of course, the fibre helps in improved digestion and keep the digestive tract healthy.


Don’t be shocked, chillies have beautiful nutritional benefits for our metabolism. Being rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, it works on immune and cell repair function. Vitamin B6 is effective in energy metabolism. It is rich in micronutrients like potassium, copper, vitamin A etc.


Garlic is considered as a medicine in Vedas. Including garlic in diet is quite beneficial for heart health. It is quite effective in cold and flu treatment. It boosts the overall immune system of the body. Garlic is quite effective in reducing blood pressure. Garlic is very low in calories. Garlic works on the cholesterol level very effectively.

All I can say past in combination with chilly garlic spaghetti never goes wrong with this special sauce.

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