This valentine lets celebrate the romance between two beautiful souls. Not necessarily two souls need to be human!!!…

You must be thinking its crazy, Here presenting you “FLUFFY DELIGHTS” where we celebrate the romance between a soulful cake with a passionate baker. I personally believe when you trust in your food it can never go wrong. Today lets celebrate this love between a food and a cook.

Baking is something like a poem. It is like music with perfect rhythm, perfect balance of Sur. it is been said that, if you bake something, you bake it with love. For me, baking is lots of love blended with some dry and wet ingredients cooked to perfection in a perfect temperature. Any sort of imbalance in all the above ingredients will affect your final dish. considering this as a perfect valentine gift or a valentine mood lifter, I thought of conducting a cake baking competition.

Never expected that it is gonna be such a success in my very first attempt. I got some amazing entries. Very unique combination of ingredients, unique procedures, unique ratio of ingredients. Even a few of them were first-time bakers. To my surprise, they did a splendid job. Lots of beautiful textures, some of them were beautifully fluffy, some were gooey, even some were simply out of the box.

Trust me guys it was damn difficult to choose out of such beautiful entries. Still, there has to be one winner in every race. As I have described in the terms, the selection of the best one will be based on the recipe and plating. So after an over-night brainstorming here I have the winner of the contest.


we have the winner of the contest.

A super creative, out of the box recipe.

Two more innovative recipes with beautiful plating n photography which I personally loved.

The WINNER of the contest is…

MULTI-COLOURED CAKE by Bindhyabasini Jena

A computer assistant by profession a writer from a heart turned into a super talented home-chef.

Bindhya says, “ My parents are my inspiration. My mother loved to taste a variety of cuisines & my father is a big foodie, so that’s where I got my gene.” It is said that “practice and patience makes a man/woman perfect”.

Her practice for baking started with cakes, then bread then on n on. Being a clear heart she says “My food journey took a new turn when I met the founder of Foodfindo, Mr.Rohit Shrivastav. Through him, I met many inspirations.” Being a passionate cook she loves to take challenges.

As per her, “The competition’s theme for was tough still I thought to give it a try. After lots of brainstorming, I got an idea of why to go for regular one, rather create something colourful.”

For a twist, she used some homemade colours. She skipped adding sugar, rather she used honey, sugarfree powder and jaggery keeping the health factor in mind so that anyone can enjoy the cake without guilt. That’s how she ended up making such a beauty.

It is said that big courage stories start from small baby steps of taken in a risky and difficult path towards a beautiful goal. Bindhya, you are a sheer example of it. Congratulations on being so creative and wish you all good luck and best wishes for your future culinary endeavours and life goals.

Initially, I planned to choose just one winner in the competition. But one more post mesmerised me with super creative and out of the box thought. So I here saluting a super creative thought and of course a beautiful execution.

The “CREATIVE BAKER” award goes to…


Smriti’s food journey started from her mom’s kitchen. she was fascinated by her mom’s mesmerising and delicious delicacies with lip-smacking flavours. Her love for food started from those beautiful moments and it grew over the time period.

As per Smriti,” One day I took part in an online cooking competition and I won it. It fueled my passion for food even more. Every time I think of creating something different and tasteful.”

Her family members supported her passion and love for food and encouraged her to follow her passion and bring it out to the world.

Smruti says, “ Being a passion-driven soul I have started baking cakes and cookies commercially. My clear motive behind this journey of food is to spread the feeling of happiness and joyfulness that I received during my childhood from my mother’s recipes.”

I salute the super energetic and creative soul in you. Keep up the great work and keep shining and spreading sweetness. All the very best.

Here I wanna mention two of my personal favourite recipes from two super talented bakers.

LIME CAKE by Avinash Patnaik

Avinash says, “After quitting my Govt job,  baking became a vital part of my life. Which started as a hobby, now has converted to my profession.”

Being exposed to different kind food and culture from his childhood days, since his father was working with Defence, food has a special place in Avinash’s life since his childhood.

As per Avinash, “Starting from delicious “Bada Khanna” to food from the neighbourhood of different states exposed me to a wide range of food varieties. My mom used to bake when I was a kid in an old round oven.  After my father took a VRS from the service in 1993 and we returned back to Odisha she stopped making cakes.”

Being curious about food and love for the art of cooking, he started baking in that same oven. Is not it nostalgic… Till date, he uses the same oven for baking many different delicacies.

Being curious about versatile and hard to find ingredients, he recently came across this Kagzi Lembu (key lime) from Adivasi Mela. A never settling brain decided to be innovative with the lime. He ended in incorporating the lime flavours into a delicious cake.

I have huge respect for the passion and you have for cooking and food. Your level of dedication inspires me and many more to chase and achieve the dreams they actually live for. All the very best …

CHOCOLATE BROWNIE by Julie Samantaray

A software engineer turned into a full-time food blogger. originally from Odisha and currently based on God’s own country Kerala. She loves eating exploring and cooking.

Julie says, “I started pursuing the passion for cooking in recent years of my marriage. Now it has become my passion to learn about the food culture and traditions of various communities  in various parts of India.”

Coming to she describes this dish as an all-time indulgent. As per Julie, “what is better than a warm fudgy brownie with a scope of vanilla ice cream on top. I am a big fan of melt in mouth classic chocolate in the centre and thin crust on top(without adding any nuts).”

These days once in a while she takes a break from my usual healthy lifestyle and  She quenches her crave for something gooey, fudgy, rich yet chocolaty brownies. She adds, she prefers fresh warm brownies on the frozen ones. And this passion of her drove her all the way in making super beautiful brownies.

I wish you all the best for your future in food blogging.



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