Hello Guy, as the entire world is under the terror of coronavirus, I planned to post something I have developed for my personal use. This recipe of Kadha or a concentrated tea is made up of some simple spices and herbs, which we use in regular day to day cooking. you might have tried many type Kadha earlier and even I did the same but this ratio of herbs and spices is a tried and trusted one. So if you have tried and failed with many other ratios then, you can try this too. I guess this Kadha kan help you.

Kadha is something with is in our Indian ayurvedic culture since ages. Before advanced medical era, the Vaidya (a person specialized in choosing medicinal herbs and the application of it) used to treat people with different types of combination of herbs and spices. In our Vedas its clearly mentioned that every spices and herbs we put in our food or consume directly have different medicinal properties which support and develop our immune system. In fact, in a few cases, the ayurvedic treatment works better than modern medical science. Anyways we must get into the medicinal property of the core ingredients of the Kadha we are discussing about.

INDIAN BASIL / HOLY BASIL–  Indian basil or holy basil is one of the integral part of our culture. Not only because it is used in the worship of lords rather it has a vast range of rich medicinal properties. Generally, it is famous for its antimicrobial property which is quite helpful in viral or bacterial infection in the human body. It is anti-tussive, means it can treat cough too.  Apart from all these, it is full of natural antioxidants. It helps in detoxification of the body. Moreover, it works on the entire immune system causing a healthy life.

GINGER- Ginger is widely used in many Indian dishes, also I can say globally. Being a taste enhancer it goes well in many dishes but apart from that, it has high medicinal properties. Especially when it comes to cough and cold, many of our elders suggest just to chew a small piece of ginger of put the ginger in tea so that it treats out cold, cough and flu. Ginger is quite helpful in treating stomach issues. It help is reduction of blood sugar levels. It lowers the chance of heart diseases. Apart all these, ginger has anti-carcinogenic properties.

CLOVE-  clove is highly medicinal. The clove oil is best for treating pain. Popularly it is used to treat dental and other oral issues. It improves liver health and maintain blood sugar level.  It reduces ulcer. Being high in antioxidants, it reduces ageing.

BLACK PEPPER- Black pepper works well on clod and flu. it gives the body a certain warmth that works well on immunity and reduce symptoms of cold and flu from the body. It improves dental health. One of the most important benefit is, it helps in curing vitiligo ( skin loosing its normal pigmentation and turning white or pale pink).  It has antibacterial properties too.

HONEY-  Honey is rich in antioxidants. Honey suppresses the coughing symptom. Honey comes under good sugar and is a far more better replacement of sugar cane refined sugar. Honey lowers the triglycerides level, reducing the risk of heart attacks and other heart diseases. It fasten the wound healing. Honey is great in maintaining better skin health. It helps in weight management too. Honey act as one of the best detoxifier in the human body.

Let us get into the recipe…



  • 1 cup water
  • 5-6 leaves of Indian basil/ holy basil(freshly plucked and nicely washed)
  • 1inch ginger(peeled and washed)
  • 10-12 black peppercorns
  • 4-5 cloves
  • 1tsp honey


  • Take a clean stainless steel deep vessel.
  • Put the water and place it on high flame.
  • Crush the ginger.
  • Lightly crush the black peppercorns and clove
  • Tear the basil leaves
  • Put all of them apart from honey into the water.
  • Let it boil on low to medium flame till it reduces to 1/3rd of the total quantity.

(* I usually inhale the steam very carefully from the boiling Kadha and it works well on your symptoms. But be careful. Don’t put your face directly on the raising steam or else you may end up burning your face.)

  • Once the mixture gets reduced to the 1/3rd quantity, strain it to a ceramic or glass cup and mix honey in it.
  • Sip it as any other tea but only when it is hot.

*Precaution-i suggest you to have it only once in a day. I will suggest not to give this to minors/kids. Those who have acidity or other stomach issues, you can consult your doctor before having it. If you are allergic to any ingredients mentioned above, then don’t try it. This is not a medicine to your cold and flu. its just a natural remedy.

*Personal experience- whenever I have a cold,  it always lasts for about 10-15 days. But with this Kadha, nowadays I happily recover within 3-4 days. So do try it and share your feedback on this.

Stay indoor…  Stay clean…  Stay safe…

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