After a full one week break from social media and blog, I am back with a dish really close to my heart. Yeh, you got it right.

This is, our all-time favourite…super delicious… super expensive… super gorgeous… one and only… Mr. giant prawn !!!… 😉

As always, I went to my all-time morning fish market with my dad. All of sudden found a small hip of these giant super fresh prawns at my regular vendor. As we all know, me and prawns are soulmates. Lol… I simply could not resist my urge to get a few of them for my lunch. As a special mention, I want to add that, each prawn was almost 400grams. I just got 2 of them as it was enough for me.

Anyways let us get into the story behind prawns. Yeah… don’t be shocked. Prawns also have a story. Not love story of course. Lol…

every dish and ingredients have beautiful stories of origin and even the cooking procedure change from region to region. Usually, prawns are cooked in many different types of recipes with lots of diversified ingredients with lots of different techniques. I personally believe, the cooking process and cooking medium change according to the availability of the ingredients and environmental factors around the globe.

As per my knowledge, the term “prawn” was coined by Britishers. This particular term was meant for those shrimps which were into a larger size. Australians, Asian, and people of New Zealand started cooking prawns after Britishers in various ways and it took a larger part of the world food map.  Prawns are available in lots of sizes and types. Basically they are found from shallow water to deep river or sea depending on size and shape. Mostly cooking prawns started in the early 17th century.

Let us get into the nutritional benefits of a few core ingredients used in the dish.

Giant River Prawns-Usually, prawns are rich in an antioxidant called selenium, which plays a major roll in maintaining healthy cells in the body.  Prawns have a higher content of zinc, which plays an important role in maintaining a good immune system. Prawns are rich in protein, so they complete your daily protein requirements. Prawns have minerals like phosphorus, copper and magnesium which help in building strong bones. And those who think prawns have cholesterol in them, yes you are right but those are good cholesterol which maintains your body fit and fine

Cheese– lots of people take it as junk food including me. But it is said that when you eat everything in a controlled quantity. Cheese a great source of fat and protein. Cheese has a good amount of micronutrients like zinc, phosphorus, riboflavin. It is a great source of the vitamin –A  and  B12, vitamin k2. It is a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. So eating cheese is not bad but overeating is bad.

In fact, I can say overeating anything is bad for health. So guys maintain your daily calorie intakes and enjoy your food

Happy cooking…

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